Start a Phoenix Garden Project

Large or small, a garden with a water feature will bring nature to your fingertips. Imagine on a blazing day, the sound of water trickling over rocks, the birds swooping and landing for a drink, and the butterflies dancing over the vegetation while hummingbirds flit in and out of the area.


Phoenix landscaping, whether you do it yourself or hire it done, will raise your property value and quality of life. Looking around at services that will help with tree removal in Phoenix, sprinkler repair in Phoenix, or Landscape architects in Phoenix will get your projects off to a good start.

Let’s begin the process with some wise words on desert gardens. Water is precious in the desert and not wasting a drop is essential. If you have issues in your yard, like broken sprinklers, first find sprinkler repair in Phoenix and explain the project to them. Their input could be valuable in placement of the garden as they get your system back in order.


Next, use appropriate plants for your dry air environment to keep the garden lush and colorful. Consider tree removal Phoenix to give you a blank slate to start from.

Tree removal in Phoenix will begin the process of sculpting your yard. Landscaping Phoenix with plants indigenous to the region will guarantee success of your garden. Choosing the right mix of plants by how much water they will need could save your entire garden plan. Sculpting with a small incline or hill will create a runoff to the thirstiest plants at the bottom. Sun loving plants at the top will shade those lower down and save them from some of the heat.

Let’s talk about some native plants that you might consider using because of their hardiness for the dryness of the region. What would a desert garden be without a cactus? In Arizona you have Sagurro, Prickly Pear, Hedge Hog, Silver Torch and Trichocereus to choose from.

For flowery bushes and plants, Penstemon with its many color options will bring color to the garden with the added benefit that hummingbirds love them. Also to attract hummingbirds to your native Arizona garden, plant a Pink Desert Willow tree that will bloom throughout the summer.

To bring butterflies to a native garden bring in Verbena Goddingii, Pink Fairy Duster, Desert Marigold and Desert Milkweed. Vitrex bushes will entice butterflies and hummingbirds and bloom from spring into fall.

If you would like to branch out into other plants that will attract the hummingbirds and butterflies, but are not native, you can add in Emu flowers in pink, red and Easter Egg. Red hibiscus will do well in Arizona, though not all of the hibiscus colors will like the hot sun. To add in a tree that hummingbirds love, plant a Bottlebrush tree.

An Aloe Ferox will attract the hummingbird and it blooms most of the winter months. For another plant that blooms year around, make room for the Mexican and Cape Honeysuckles.


For deciduous trees that give good shade plant a Cercidium, either the Blue Palo Verde, or Palo Brea. The Chitlapa tree, or Desert Willow, blooms spring to fall. An evergreen that is slow growing but adapted well is the Texas Ebony, which will have fragrant white blooms for a short time.

If you are in Scottsdale landscaping or Phoenix landscaping, there are many good companies that specialize in your yard creation needs. Tree services in the Phoenix area will get you started on that backyard project. Sprinkler repair in Phoenix can get your yard shipshape for a garden. The time to start on those projects is today, as tomorrow you want to be enjoying the view.